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To help you maintain a happy and healthy workforce

Our Packages

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops & Classes

Up Employee Wellbeing delivers corporate wellness workshops and classes to help you maintain a happy and healthy workforce. We help you increase employee wellbeing and performance by delivering a range of classes and workshops at your workplace or a venue of your choice. 

Studies show that improved wellbeing in the workplace leads to an increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism. When your employees are busy and feeling overwhelmed, their wellbeing and self-care suffers. In fact, this is often the first thing that’s scrapped from daily ‘to-do’ lists, as people try – and fail – to successfully manage their wellbeing in less positive ways. A lack of self-care can quickly result in stress, depression, anxiety and illness, which then leads to absenteeism.

Our Workshops & Classes

We offer group exercise, yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops

The annual cost of sickness absence to UK businesses is estimated at £554 per employee, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

How much is employee absenteeism costing your business? 

Frequent or long-term absences place great pressure on the working environment in terms of resources, staff shortages and reduced productivity. Lower productivity levels lead to less profit for your business in the long run. The absence of key team members also has a direct impact on other employees too; as workloads increase, morale starts to deteriorate. 

As a company, happier, healthier and more motivated employees will work harder and perform better for your business. And, from a brand perspective, you will be portraying a positive and caring image to your customers, suppliers and your competitors. 

A Foresight study showed 5 Key Ways To Manage Wellbeing:

Connecting with people at home, work and the community

Being active by doing regular physical exercise

Taking notice and being curious when it comes to our surroundings (being mindful)

Continual Learning, either trying something new, gaining a skill or taking on a new responsibility at work

Giving back – acts of kindness, which could involve volunteering or doing something rewarding for the community

Our Wellbeing Classes

We believe in the importance of managing the health and wellbeing of your employees. We also understand that you need to be able to manage staff time away from desks, which is why we offer very flexible classes and workshops to fit in with the needs of your business. By taking part in a class in the daytime fitted around work schedules, your employees will be at peak energy and away from any home distractions. This is an ideal time to help them increase their sense of self-worth. And, as an employer, you will be showing that you value your employees by giving them access to wellbeing services. When it comes to our wellbeing classes, everyone benefits. A happy and healthy workforce will lead to greater productivity levels, resulting in a happier employer! 

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