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About Us

Our yoga, mindfulness and fitness classes and workshops will help you look after your employees’ wellbeing. A happy and healthy workforce is a more productive one.

When a work-life balance is restored for the individual, this leads to greater satisfaction and new, healthier habits. What’s more, healthy lifestyle changes are then shared with friends and families, resulting in a healthier workforce for the future.


We deliver a wide range of classes and workshops within your workplace.

Wellbeing for SMEs

As well as delivering our wellbeing sessions within corporate environments, we are currently looking at ways to help smaller businesses too. We are passionate about giving every employee the chance to enjoy an increased sense of work-life balance. If you are a small business interested in bringing wellbeing classes and workshops into your workplace, then please get in touch.

Wellbeing for Schools

We understand the pressures faced by teachers, so we have designed our wellbeing classes to benefit teaching staff and can deliver sessions to local schools. In the future, we will also be looking at ways of delivering sessions to help children improve their wellbeing. By supporting younger generations, we will be creating a more resilient society and workforce for the future. If you are a school and interested in delivering wellbeing classes and workshops to your teaching staff, then please get in touch.

Meet Michelle Nicholson

“I founded Up Employee Wellbeing as a way of helping employees improve their overall wellbeing. I knew first-hand just how stressful corporate environments can be, and I’ve always had the idea of corporate wellness classes in the back of my mind. I know how quickly people’s work-life balance can get out of kilter and how beneficial classes like yoga are when it comes to helping people manage this.

I know I’m not alone in having those groundhog days, when you wake up in the morning and promise yourself that you’ll eat well and exercise when you get home later… However, when it hits 8 – 9pm, most of us are too tired, and the sofa and Netflix tend to win! So many people get caught up in this cycle and beat themselves up about letting themselves down. Self-esteem plummets, mental health issues can creep in, and more bad choices are made. This cycle continues until something changes – and, if nothing does change, we just prove Einstein’s theory right:“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

This was my inspiration when deciding to become a yoga teacher. After formally completing my Teacher Training, I began teaching classes at the Yoga Loft in Burbage. I then set up my own independent classes and I have not looked back. After working at Hammond’s furniture for 15 years, I decided to pursue yoga teaching full time.

Fast forward a few months and ‘Up Employee Wellbeing’ was born! Although I find my own balance through yoga, I know it’s not ‘everyone’s bag’, which is why I wanted to offer a range of classes and workshops to suit everyone.”

Michelle Nicholson, Founder of Up Employee Wellbeing


“Since I have been delivering corporate yoga, the response has been fantastic. People often come in stressed and leave on a ‘cloud of zen’. I also encourage a series of breathing techniques, which can be practised outside of the classes to help people with any stress or anxiety issues. Improved mobility, flexibility and overall wellbeing are being realised. I want more people to experience these benefits, so I decided to build a team and bring in a range of different classes.”


All classes are suitable for both men and women and all levels of fitness welcome.