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Meet Christy Waring

What motivated you to become a yoga teacher?

After the birth of my second child, 9 years ago, I had suffered from post-partum depression. I discovered how much of a positive impact yoga had on me, helping me feel stronger mentally as well as physically. It was a few years later, when I completed my degree in Social Work and my work placement working with palliative and terminally ill patients and their families at Loros Hospice, that I discovered I wanted to instead become a yoga teacher. In this way I felt I could truly connect with and help people, on a deeper level than what a career in Social Work would offer me.

What do you like best about the teaching yoga?

Connecting with people on a level that I have never been able to duplicate since my experience working with the patients and families at Loros Hospice. Enabling people to find resources to cope with life stressors within themselves through yoga.

Tell us one fun/interesting fact?

I am originally from Newfoundland, Canada and had my first experience in a teaching role as an English as a Second Language teacher in South Korea.