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Meet Jo Long

What motivated you to become a Yoga Teacher?

I have loved Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga for well over a decade. At the start, I noticed the benefits in terms of flexibility and strength within a few months. However, I believe yoga is also an amazing tool to keep the mind focused and the spirit strong, especially when dealing with the things life throws into your path. It helped me and what motivates me is when I can pass on some of this learning.

What do you like best about teaching yoga?

I love teaching because every class is different. There is nothing better than hearing a student say they weren’t sure whether they were in the mood for yoga after a bad day, but after class, saying they feel energised and positive! Makes my day!

Tell us one fun/interesting fact?

I love anything to do with nature, I’m definitely one to stop and smell the flowers! I love going on hikes with my dog Bo and, when the sun is shining, I love roaring round the country lanes on my Kawasaki.