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Meet Linda Khalid

What motivated you to become a therapist?

A friend introduced me to Mindfulness when I was going through a tough personal time. It was a time of personal exploration for me, which included meditation. I had a very experienced mindfulness teacher and quickly began to see and feel the transformation within myself, and others noticed that I looked well too. As a doctor, I felt this is so powerful, I need to share this with others. I began to also read all the scientific evidence behind it, and then returned for teacher training. I have taught staff at my work, medical students at the university, and I have run patient courses. I now also run wellness hubs and menopause workshop too.

Life goes on the same but how you relate to it completely changes. Flow with life rather than battling with yourself and life to bring clarity.

What do you like best about the therapy you provide?

I love to see the transformation in others over time; this is the most rewarding aspect. I know I am sharing a mindfulness tool that will enhance their daily lives and help alleviate people’s suffering.

Tell us one fun/interesting fact?

I have a BSc in Genetics; I had a paper published many years ago on the attitude of midwives to maternal Down Syndrome risk screening. I also love to swim at Stoney Cove; it’s a very calm and magical place.